Uncover your
own Capsule.

The Slime Capsule is the centerpiece of our project, everything revolves around it. Our project is divided into 4 different phases.
Mint a Capsule


PHASE-01 starts directly at the mint. Some lids have an NFT on the inside from one of the projects below. If you mint the capsule with an NFT inside of the lid, the NFT is yours!

Each lid has its own unique ID. On Twitter we'll announce which NFT belongs to which LID-ID. So it always remains a surprise!


After the mint, PHASE-02 starts. Each Slime Capsule has a unique Slime Friends NFT hidden inside that can be taken out in the laboratory.

Each Slime Friend is a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 9,799 uniquely generated Slime Friends with over a hundred exciting traits. In addition to that there will be some special 1/1s.

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Mint a Capsule


What is the mint date?

9th November 2022 at 7Pm CET.

What is the mint price?

0.022 ETH each.

What is the Supply?

9,799 Slime Capsule NFTs, 99 of which are reserved for the team.

What is the maximum mints per wallet?

Max 7 mints per wallet.

Is there a Discord?

No, we initially won’t have a Discord. During the mint we will communicate through our Twitter + We think people are in enough Discords already.

We do have a Discord pro and developer on our team, so if the community decides they really want a Discord, we'll make it happen!

What is the Laboratory?

The Laboratory is our allowlist. Everyone who has access to our Laboratory is on our allowlist, and is therefore one of the first to mint on November 9th.

After the mint, the Lab opens. Anyone who has a Slime Capsule can use it to generate a Slime Friends NFT.

Can I trade my Slime Capsule?

Yeah, just like most NFTs, Slime Capsule holders will be able to trade theirs on the secondary market.

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